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Rules and Regulations

Term & Attendance Certificate:

1. The following are the details of Semesters of each year in BHMS Degree Course. First  year 3 Semesters of six months each.
II    year 2 Semester of six months each.
III   year 2 Semesters of six months each.
IV  year 2 Semesters of six months each.
2. Promotion to the senior classes & presentation to University
Examination shall be subject to the following conditions.
 a. The Student should have earned 80% of attendance prescribed by
the College for the course during the year.
b. He/She should have completed the course of instruction to the satisfaction of the College authorities and his/her progress, conduct and character should have been satisfactory.
3. Students seeking exemption from the rules relating to minimum attendance shall apply for exemption to the University through the Principal before due date. Every application for exemption shall be made in prescribed form. The reason for each days of absence has to be explained. In case of absence on account of illness a medical certificate has also to be furnished. No exemption will be granted to the same student for more than one academic year in a course.

4. Absence without leave will not be considered under any circumstance.

. Attendance and Leave of Absence:.
1. The attendance will be calculated from the date of joining of the candidate. The date of commencement of the course will be notified by the Admitting Authority. Leave of absence will be granted only on medical grounds. However such leave will be considered only for the purpose of granting condonation of shortage of attendance. Privilege for condonation of shortage of attendance is limited to only one examination during the entire BHMS course. The name of the student will be removed from the rolls for the continuous absence of 30 days without permission.

2. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each hour.

3. Students shall not be allowed to leave their classrooms without the permission of the teacher. Latecomers shall not enter the class without the permission of the teacher. Serious action will be taken against repeated late coming.
4. During authorised free hours students should make use of the available facilities in the reading room/computer room or remain silent and work in their halls.

5. Students are not permitted to absent themselves from class without leave. Leave application should be submitted to the Principal in advance in the prescribed form.
6.. Applications for leave on grounds of illness shall be supported by a medical Certificate.

7. A statement of .attendance earned by the students will be published monthly. Students shall examine the lists and report to the Principal, discrepancies, if any.
8. Students of junior classes who do not have the prescribed minimum attendance will be detained.

. Uniform, Behavior & General Discipline:
1. "The male students have to wear pants and shirts while female students are free to wear either saree and blouse or churidar. But all students and teaching staff should wear, invariably, white Apron during the class hours including practicals/clinical. Besides every one should wear a name plate on the Apron.
2. In regard to all matters connected with their conduct in and out of the College the students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the best standard manners and behaviour.

3. All students are expected to observe strict discipline in the premises of College and Hospital
4. No notice or appeal of any kind shall be circulated among the students or pasted on the notice board or anywhere within the College premises. Students are not allowed to organise or conduct meeting in the College or collect money for any purpose without the written permission of the Principal.
5. Smoking, Snuffing and Chewing are strictly prohibited within the College premises. Students are also not expected to tuck up their dhothies in the College campus.
6. Students are prohibited from making representation in a body but they may make representation individually to the Principal.

7. Disciplinary action will be taken against anybody who is found to
have consumed alcohol or other intoxicants within the College premises.
8. Disfiguring the walls, doors or windows or other surfaces, boards, furniture with graffiti, engravings, stickers or scribbling etc. are strictly prohibited.

9. Unauthorised entry of outsiders into the campus is prohibited. No one shall bring or entertain outsiders within the campus without permission from the authorities.

10. No one shall distribute or circulate any notice, pamphlet, leaflet etc within the campus and shall not exhibit any type of banners, flags, posters, etc without the prior sanction from the Principal.
11. No political / organisational activities shall be permitted in the campus except those activities which are specifically permitted by the College authorities.

12. Students are not allowed to take part in any political agitation directed against the authority of Government or any movement or agitation of any kind which may be accompanied by or may result in ill feeling between different sections of community or which may tend to excite feeling of dissatisfaction.
13. All are strictly prohibited from encouraging or propagating any agitation, demonstrations, strike, dharna, gherao or any other activities which will disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the College Campus and smooth working of the Hospital.

14. Ragging is prohibited inside and outside of this institution. Severe and stringent action will be taken against those who involve in these types of activities as per Kerala Ragging Prohibition Act 1998.
15. Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, habitual inattention to class work, obscenity in word or act or any other charge of misconduct found by the Principal are sufficient reasons of suspension or expulsion from the College.
16. It shall be competent for the Principal to expel any student of the College for reasons to be recorded in writing and intimated to the parent or guardian and the Syndicate of the University.
17. An adverse entry on the conduct of a student in confidential register may debar him from receiving a certificate of good conduct and character from the Principal.
18. Students should take note of the departmental and other notifications put on the notice board everyday before they leave College. Failure to look at the notice board will not be an excuse for omission or commission.

19. All Students of the College are required to carry their identity card  with them. Failure to do so is punishable by fine.

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