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The information needs of the Homoeopathic medical system starts by the college library. The informative needs of the faculty members, research  scholars ,interns and students is met by the library .College Library was established by the founder of our college, Dr.SK Padiar in 1920      Our Library is having a space of  2500 square feet with a seating capacity of 50.




                                                          Dr. Boby T.I




WORKING   TIME  :  Library remains open 8.30 am to 5 pm on all working days



1.The College Library is divided into the following sections.

a. Reference       

b. General      

c. Departmental

The Reference and General libraries are under the charge of a Librarian.The Department libraries are under the control of the respective Heads of Department.                                          .

2. Every Student will be issued a Library Card for lending of Books.

3. Duplicate Library Card will be issued on remitting Rs. 20/- to the Library.

4. Students are allowed to keep the borrowed books only for a period of 14 days. If the due date falls on holiday the books must be returned on the next working day. However, this period can be extended for another 7 days with prior permission. Fine will be collected at the following rates for keeping the book without permission beyond the stipulated period of 14 days; - .

i) For a Period up to first 14 days 1.00 Rs.. per day

  ii) For Subsequent period              2 .00 Rs. per day

5. If any book is lost, or damaged or mutilated the borrower would be required to replace the book with fine or pay such compensation as may be fixed by the Principal.

6. The marking of books with ink or pencil, spoiling or damaging, underlining of passages, writing of remarks etc., on the leaves of book or on illustration, tearing of pages, pictures etc., are punishable and fine will be charged.

7. A Handling charge of Rs. 20/- should be remitted to the Library when a book is replaced or lost

8. Reservation facility for student will be extended for books on demand.

9. Periodicals, Reference Books and multi volume books will be issued .Only for reference and not intended to be taken out of the Reading Room.

10. Final Year Students are required to clear the dues to Library before the University Examinations.

11. Before leaving the counter borrowers shall examine the books taken by them and point out any mutilation or defect in any books to the Librarian and have these defects etc, noted in the book and initialled by him / her. Otherwise the borrowers will be held responsible for any damage or mutilations observed.

12. It shall be the duty of the Librarian and his/her staff to examine the books returned by the borrowers and take immediate action in all  Cases of mutilation or damage.

13. The transfer or sub-lending of books is strictly prohibited.


For Teaching Staff:

1. Two Library Cards will be issued to each Teaching Staff of the College.

2. Periodicals and reference books will be issued to the Teachers only for reference.

3. If a book is lost, the borrower has to replace it with a new book or remit the cost of the book, (cost as decided by the College authority)

4. Handling Charge of Rs.20/- should be remitted to Library when a book is replaced or lost.

5. Borrowed books should be returned to the Library within the stipulated time.


Reference  &Lending of library books




Promoted by the Govt. It consist of 352 books in our library .Which are issued on long term basis to the members of the scheme




Internet service is  available in the library.




Department libraries are under the control of 12 Department Heads.




As a part of the curriculum dissertations on various topics are available in the library



Present library collection consist of 7420 books 352 Book Bank Scheme,  556 bound journals(Archieve), Total - 8328 Books,    Dissertations - 511.

Books related to Anatomy         327

Books related to Case Taking& Repertorisation   444

Dictionary   114

Books related to forensic medicine toxicology   108

General books      303

Books related to homoeopathic pharmacy  177

Books related to material medica  2415

Books related to organon of medicine  911

Books related to practice of obstetrics & gynaecology  403

Books related to practice of medicine   1367

Books related to pathology , microbiology and parasitology  239

Books related to community medicine  56

Books related to surgery 305

Books related to physiology& biochemistry 221

Demonstrative slide   30 



College library having 24 journals ,   both subscribed and complementary


Sl no ;                                        Name of the journals

1. Homoeopathy for all

2. Homoeo times

3. Indian journal of research in homoeopathy

4. Asian journal of homoeopathy

5. Homoeopathy community Journal

6. Arogyamasika

7. Health screen

8. National Homoeo Recorder

9. Homoeopathy Heritage

10. Vital Informer

11. National Journal of Homoeopathy

12. Homoeo Magic

13. Homoeo Miracle

14. Homoeopathy the friend of Health

15. All Indian Homoeopathy Journal

16. Medicina Futura Homoeopathica


1. Homoeo Buzz
2. New Life Era
3. CCH Bulletin
4. CCRH News Letter
5. Medical Info Series
6. Homoeo Fragment
7. Homoeo
8. Gems of Homoeopathy


ARCHIVES (Total - 556 Books)

The bounded journals of our college set up a section in the libraries to be known as archives .our library consist of journals published from 1871 onwards. Archives are very valuable to research scholars





1        Malayalamanorama 

2        Mathrubhumi

3        The New indianexpress

4        The hindu 

5        Desabhimani

6        Kerala Koumudi
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