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Parent teacher Assosciation


 Constitution of the parent teachers association – Dr. Padiar Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College, Chottanikkara

Name: the name of this association shall be “the parent teacher association Dr.Padiar Memorial Homoeopathic Medical college,Chottanikkara, Ernakulam (Dist)

1.      Office:  the office of the association shall be located at the

Dr.Padiar Memorial Homoeopathic Medical college,Chottanikkara, Ernakulam (Dist)

 3. Aims and objectives:

The aims and objectives of the association shall be

a.      To foster and promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, students and guardians of the students.

b.      To create in its members a keen interest for the smooth working and progress of the college and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.

c.       To institute scholarship, prizes, medals etc. to benefit students showing high proficiency in their studies.

d.      To provide and ensure amenities to the students of the college.

4. Memberships

a.      The parents / guardian of all the students on the rolls of the college during a year shall be eligible to be the members of the association.

b.      Every member shall pay an annual membership fee of  Rs. 10/-    ( ten only) to the association.

c.      When a student is removed from the rolls of the college. The parent / guardian of the student shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the association.

d.       The principal and the other members of the teaching staff shall ipso facto be members of the association.

2.     Administration

a.      The administration of the association shall vest in an executive committee, herein after referred to as the committee, elected for the purpose.

b.     the committee shall consist of

(i)                a President & Treasurer- Principal

(ii)             a Vice – president  : elected from among the members (only Parents)

(iii)           Secretary                 : Elected from the teaching staff.

Not more than 8 other members of whom at least 4 shall represent the parents / guardians and the remaining 4 teaching staff.

c.      The turn of office of the committee shall be for a period of one year (the year the purpose shall be the calendar year).

d.       A committee once elected shall continue to hold office till the end of the calendar year to a new committee assumes charge, whichever is later.

3.   Powers and responsibilities of the executive committee

Subject to the approval of the general body of the association, the committee shall have the following powers.

a.        To manage all affaires of the association to incur and meet all necessary expense and do all such acts      as are not  inconsistent with these rules

b.      To enlist members.

c.       To hold meeting of the committee at least once in a term or when deemed necessary

d.      To periodically check the registers and the other records of the association and to scrutinise fee statement of accounts.

e.       To scrutinise the annual report, the audited statement of accounts for the year and for the ensuing year to be placed before the general body.

f.       To implement all decisions taken by the general body.

g.      To suggest amendments to any of the existing rules and to frame new rules for consideration of general body.

h.      To fill up any casual vacancy in the committee by co-option to form sub – committees for specific purposes.

7.  Duties of the office bearers

President:            ( a) the principal shall be ex- officio  president  and the                  treasurer of the association                             

                             (b)  He/ she shall have control over the affairs of the association and shall preside over all committee meeting and the meetings of the general body.

(c)  He shall have powers to convene meetings of the committee and of the    general body          on his own initiative or on the requisition of at least 5 members on case of general body meeting

(d)    He shall be the sole custodian of all the funds of the association and all the       connected accounts books, receipts books, vouchers, pass books etc.

(e) He shall have powers to operate the accounts of the association and to incur such expenditure as may be approved by the committee.

(f) He shall maintain proper records of all receipts and payment and such records shall be presented before the committee at its meetings.

(g) He shall get the annual statement of accounts prepared and audited and such audited statements shall be placed before the committee and the general body.

(h) He shall keep an advance of Rs. 500/- to meet unforeseen expenses. The balance amount shall be deposited   in any scheduled /nationalised bank approved by the general body.

Vice –president    (a) he shell be elected from the parents/ guardians

                         (b) In the absence of the president, the vice-president shall perform all the duties of the president.

The secretary

He shall have the following powers

(a) To enrol members

(b) to maintain proper registers and records , to keep in safe custody all official papers of the association and to attend  the day to day correspondence  of the association

(c) To convene meeting of the committee or of the general body when authorised to do so  by the president

(d) To keep the correct record of the proceedings of all committee and general body meetings.

e. to perform all other functions as may be assigned to him from time to time by the president or by the committee.

f. to incur such expenditure as may become necessary.

8.  Committee meetings

a. The quorum for meeting of the committee shall be simple majority.

b. The president shall preside over all committee meetings and in his absence the vice-president. In case the vice-president is also absent, the members of the committee present shall nominate one from among them to be the president of meetings.

c. three days’ notice shall ordinarily be given for all committee meetings.

d. special meetings of the committee may be convened  by the president at the written request of at least 4 members of the committee.

e. all decisions shall be by a majority of votes. In case of quality of votes, the president of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

9. a. the general body shall be the supreme, authority concerning all matters of the association.

b. the general body shall meet at least  once a year or oftener , if necessary.

c. the business to be transacted at the annual meeting shall include the following

1. To receive the annual report regarding the activities of the association for the year.

2. To examine the audited statement of account of the association for the year.

3. To approve the budget proposals for the ensuing year.

4. To consider any amendment to bye- laws

5. To elect office bearers for the ensuing year.

d. the quorum for a general body  meeting shall be 25 or 1/5 of the total number of members   rolls whichever is less.

e. seven days’ notice shall ordinarily be given for all meetings of the general body either direct intimation or by publishing such information in local dailies. Non receipt of such information by any member shall not however invalidate any of the proceedings of the general body meeting.

f. a special meeting of the general body  shall be convened at the  requisition of at least  25members or when authorised to go so by the president. Such meeting shall dispense only the specified matter for which the meeting has been convened. The rule regarding notice and quorum shall apply to such meetings also.

g. the president and in his absence the vice-president shall preside own all meetings of the general body . In the absence of both, any other member elected from among the members present shall preside.

h. all decision of the  general body  shall be on the basis of a majority  of votes. In case of equality of votes, president of the meeting shall have a costing vote.

10. General

a. the  association shall have a common seal which shall be in the  safe custody of the president/ secretary.

b. any document  executed by the association shall be signed by the president  and  the  secretary.

c. in case of  any  legal proceedings before a court by or against the association, the association shall be represented by the secretary.

d. in case of dissolution of the  association at any time, all   its     records and funds shall be taken over by the  President and disposed of in a manner  to be decided  by the general body.

e. none of the above rules shall be altered , amended or rescinded  except at a meeting of the general body at which 2/3 of the members present record  their vote in favour of the  suggested changes.


 Dr. R.Janardhanan                  - President& Treasurer

 Shri. Karunakara Kurup        -  Vice- President

 Dr. J. Harikrishna Pillai         -  Secretary

Executive Committee             -Mr. Murali  M V

                                                      Mr. Yoosaf Keecheri

                                                     Prof. Joy

                                                     Dr. Mathew John

                                                     Dr. Prasad . M L

                                                    Dr. Susy Charles

Auditor                                     Mr. Rama Das Prabhu.



                Dr. M. G. Radhesh MD(Hom.) - President(In charge)




                  Shri. Karunakara Kurup- Vice President





                           Dr. J. Harikrishna Pillai- Secretary



  Executive Committee Members



                         Dr. Mathew John




                             Dr. Susy Charles




                                  Dr. Prasad M L




                                  Shri.  M. V. Muraleedharan Nair



                                           Prof. P.K. Joy





                                  Shri. Yoosaf Keechery


Former Office bearers :


Dr. R. Janardhanan – President

Dr. M.G. Radhesh    - Secretary


Dr. R. Janardhanan  - president

Dr. Peter Chirayath  - Vice –President

Dr. M. G. Radhesh    - Secretary


Dr. R. Janardhanan  - President

Dr. Peter Chirayath  - Vice- President

Dr. Renjith Kumar   - Secretary


Dr.R. Janardhanan -  President

Mr. Remesh Naik   - Vice- president

Dr. Karam Chand  -  Secretary


Dr. R. Janardhanan – President

Mr. Remesh Naik     - Vice- President

Dr. J, Harikrishna Pillai


Dr. R. Janardhanan – President

Mr. P. Sundaram     - Vice- President

Dr. J. Harikrishna Pillai


Dr. R. Janardhanan           – President

Mr. Karunakara Kurup     - Vice- President

Dr. J. Harikrishna Pillai    - Secretary

Honours and awards

The PTA offers a GOLD Medal for the final BHMS student of this

college who is placed in the first rank in the University examination.

PTA honours the first and Second rank holders in the Ist  IInd and IIIrd

BHMS examinations Plaques and certificate of merit are awarded to

them .


PTA Donated Rs.20000 to the Students Union for the participation in

“HOMOEOFEST” 2008 and Dr. Padiar Memorial Homoeopathic

Medical College won the title.

Our former president Shri. TMV Shenoy inaugurated the “smart class

room” on 3/05/2008, the first of its kind among the Homoeopathic

Medical Colleges in Kerala.

Convened a joint meeting of PTA executive committee and members of

the “Board of trustees” to discuss the infrastructural development.

Colloquium on personality development by Dr. Gopalakrishnan and

Prof. KEV Nair.

Contributions to Infrastructure

1. Internet room.

    The PTA is maintaining an e-club to avail internet facility to all

students. There are 9 computers with latest configuration and Broad

band connections (4 lines) .


2. Smart class Rooms

  The second, third and final year Lecture theatres are provided with

LCD projectors, computers  and audio system. This is installed and

maintained by PTA. One of the smart class rooms made air -

conditioned from  04/11/2012. 


3. Power Generator

   As a joint venture with the college management PTA donated 30% of

the expenditure to install a KIRLOSKAR (40KVA) Generator in the



4. Water Cooler


To supply safe and cooled drinking water, PTA installed a Volta’s

water cooler and aqua Guard water purifier inside the college.


5. Hot and Cold water

   To supply hot and cold water, PTA installed a hot and cold water

dispenser (Voltas)


6. Water purifier for Women’s Hostel

      To provide safe drinking water to the inmates of Women’s hostel,

PTA installed an aqua guard water purifier inside the hostel.


7. Wall fan

     For proper ventilation, PTA installed two wall fans inside the second

BHMS Lecture Hall. 


8. Inverter

To avoid electric power supply failure, PTA installed a power invertor

(700VA) in the Anatomy dissection hall. Centralised power inverters are

provided in the e-club and smart class rooms.   


9. Public address system

   PTA donated a public address system ( AHUJA 120 watts) with

wireless microphone to facilitate smooth conduct of  public functions

inside the college.


   Medigarden is a project to inspire the students on the importance of

agriculture, social forestry,proper and useful disposal of solid and liquid waste.

The project occupies an area of 30 cents in the College campus. Reputed

environmentalist Dr. M.K Prasad inaugurated the project on 18th october

2012. 70 saplings belonging to 45 different species were planted. The project

is completely funded by PTA and maintained by the Department of community


  Inauguration By Dr. M K. Prasad




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