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Teaching Plan

Syllabus - as prescribed by the Central Council Of Homoeopathy and approved by Kerala University of Health Sciences

TEACHING PLAN- First Semester (6 Months)-1 General Anatomy 35 hrs-

Epithelium : Classification, Simple and compound epithelium, glandular and

sensory epithelium Connective tissue : Cells, Matrix Cartilage : Classification, structure, cells, matrix Bone : Types, development, ossification, blood supply

Joints : Classification and structure of synovial joint, vascular tissue : Artery and Vein

Lymphatic tissue : Lymph node , structure and function, Muscular tissue, Skin

Nervous tissue


2 General Embryology 30 hr-Oogenisis, Ovarian cycle, Menstrual cycle Spermatogennesis, Fertilization,  implantation, Bilaminar embryo, Trilaminar embryo, Intra embryonic mesoderm and folding of embryo, Formation and circulation of placenta, Foetal membranes, Structure of umbilical cord and placenta


3 upper limb 15hrs-Brachial Plexus, Mammary Gland, Shoulder joint, Palmar space, Axilla


SEMINARS (give importance to applied anatomy) 10hrs-Elbowjoint,wrist joint,carpometacarpal joint, Axillary artery, Brachialartery,  radial,ulnarandMedian nerve


4 LOWER LIMB 15hrs-Hip joint, Knee joint,  Arches of foot, Popliteal fossa


SEMINARS(give importance to applied anatomy) 10hrs-Joints of the foot, Femoral triangle and Adductor canal


FIRST INTERNAL ASSESSMENT EXAMINATION (during the last month of the semester) 15hrs


SECOND SEMESTER (6 MONTHS): 5 THORAX 20hrs-Thoracic wall, Pleura, Lungs, Pericrdium, Blood supply of heart, Foetal circulation, Mediastinum


SEMINARS(Give importance to applied anatomy) 10hrs-Arch of aorta, Thoracic duct, Chambers of heart, O

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