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Attapadi Tribal Hamlet -Visit Report

  Inspired by the News Medias, the Dept. of community medicine felt the need to visit the Attapadi tribal settlement. Relied on the depiction of Media reports we selected Agali Grama Panchyath of Attapadi Block for our reconnaissance and intervention. A Tribal hamlet named Pothupadi was targeted in consultation with Mrs. Lilly Mathew, Chairperson, Welfare standing Committee, Agali Grama Panchayath.  Dr. Renjith Kumar,  Programme officer of  the National service scheme unit of the College and Dr. Sanu Mukundan , Director of the Red cross unit of the College extended their help and co-operation for our endeavour.

 A team was constituted under the leadership of  Dr. J. Harikrishna Pillai, HOD, Community Medicine department with 11 House surgeons under the leadership of  Intern doctor  Nias, 5 NSS volunteers under the leadership of  Mr. Manu and 4 Red cross volunteers under the leadership of Jayakrishna Pai as members of the team. Dr. P.S Jolly, CMO, District Homoeopathic Hospital Trissur joined voluntarily in the team.

 A plan to distribute good quality rice and green gram to all families in the targeted hamlet was finalised. To procure Rice and green gram NSS offered Rs. 8100, Mr. Mohemmed Ali, former PTA executive committee member offered Rs. 8000 and the Red Cross volunteers collected Rs. 7600 from the teaching staff, Non- teaching staff and students.  We procured 450 kg of rice and 111Kg of green gram with a cost of Rs. 23670. The Similia Laboratories, Aluva a leading Homoeopathic  Pharmaceutical company  in Kerala donated Iorn tonic and other medicinal supplements. Miss. Stefy, intern doctor donated "Pappadam "and biscuits to distribute in pothupady hamlet.   The Interns and students voluntarily participated in the programme managed the expenses for conveyance and accommodation.   

    On 7th June at 3 Pm we left for Agali. We arrived by 10 Pm at Agali PWD rest House. We get accommodated in PWD rest House and nearby lodges. Next day morning by 9.30 am we reached at the pothupadi hamlet. Mrs Lilly Mathew and the Patriarch of the hamlet accompanied us and helped to explore the hamlet. We distributed the food grains among the registered incumbents of the hamlet. Dr. J. Harikrishna Pillai conducted a Health awareness class for the members living in the hamlet.  A detailed Health survey was conducted by the Intern doctors assisted by the student volunteers. More than the scarcity of food, insufficient intake of locally available food with high nutritional profile is noticed. The people of the settlement are not using sanitary latrines even though provided by the Panchyath. We felt the need of continuous Health education classes in the hamlet to alchemize the tribal hamlets to a healthy and cultured human society.

  On the basis of the Pilot survey we have decided to adopt Agali village for our contributions to uplift the village and ultimately equipping the students to serve the downtrodden and neglected people with a positive mind set. On behalf of the department  I extend my sincere thanks to the  Principal in Charge Dr. M.G.Radhesh ,Dr. Renjith Kumar, Dr. Sanu Mukundan, Mr. Mohemmed ali, Miss. Stefy, teaching and Non-teaching staff of Dr. Padiar Memorial Homoeopathic medical college, Mrs. Lilly Mathew,  the House surgeons, the students, College Bus Driver Mr. Sanal and assistant  Mr. Jose  for their sincere  co-operation with this event.


                                                                             Dr. J. Harikrishna pillai

                                                                             Head of the department.




 The Department of Community Medicine in association with NSS unit of Dr. Padiar Memorial Homoeopathic Medical college , conducted a study on the recent outbreak of Hepatitis A in the Gramapanchayath wards 7 ( Puthukulam) and 8 ( Manipuzha of Pyngattoor Panchayath of  Kothamangalam Taluke in Ernakulam District on 03/09/2011.  The team including Dr. J. Harikrishna Pillai ( Head of the department), Dr. Jayasree V.G, Dr. Sumadevi K.P, House surgeons, NSS volunteers accompanied by Dr. Suneef AH ( Medical officer NRHM Homoeo dispensary Kadavoor),Mrs .Suja Narayanan ( Ward Member) Mrs. Mini Johny ( Ward Member) visited 11 houses in the above area. We conducted a detailed case study and epidemiological study and came to certain conclusions regarding the source of infection and the steps to be taken to control and prevent the disease. A detailed report will be submitted to the authorities .We also conducted a visit to kottappady panchayath which is another affected area. Dr. Anil ( Medical officer (NRHM)  and the ward Member accompanied us to visit the houses of affected patients. Please view our gallery

Wayanadu Visit

House surgeons of Dr. Padiar Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College under the Leadership of Dr. J.Harikrishna Pillai, Professor and HOD, and Dr. Sumadevi, Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine conducted a visit to a Tribal village near Thirunelli in Wayanadu District on 03/03/2018. We conducted BP and glucose monitoring programme and also conducted a Health Examination survey. 200 KG of Rice was supplied to the People of that Hamlet. visit photo gallery.

Tribal Hamlet adopted

A Tribal Hamlet in  Mettana Para area of  Kuttampuzha Panchayath adopted by the Department of Community Medicine. The Programme was inaugurated on 08/04/2018. The House surgeons under the Leadership of Dr. J.Harikrishna Pillai, Professor and HOD, and Dr. Jayasree.V.G, Reader, Department of community medicine conducted Health examination camp, Treatment camp, BP monitoring , Blood glucose monitoring and food ( Rice) supply. The programme will be conducted once in every two months. Next programme is scheduled on 10/06/2018. visit photo gallery

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