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 According to the syllabus of CCH & MG university.

Knowledge about surgical disorders is required to be grasped well so that the Homoeopathic Physician is able to:

  • Diagnose common surgical cases
  • Institute Homoeopathic medical treatment wherever possible
  • Organize pre and post operative Homoeopathic medical care as total or partial responsibility
  •  Organize a complete Homoeopathic care for restoring the susceptibility of the patient to normalcy.


The study will start in the 2nd BHMS and complete in 3rd BHMS.


Examination will be conducted in 3rd BHMS.


Surgery as a subject will include:


  • Principles of surgery.
  • Fundamentals of examination of a patient with surgical problems.
  • Use of common instruments for examination of a patient, asepsis , antisepsis, dressings , plaster, operative surgery etc.
  • Practical instruments training in minor surgical methods.
  • Physiotherapy measures
  • Applied study in radiology, diagnostics
  • Orthopaedics, ophthalmology, dental diseases, otorhinolaryngiology and neonatal surgery
  • What are surgical cases?- orientation towards casetaking and examination of surgical patients
  • Applied anatomy and physiology- its importance demonstration with examples.
  • Basics of general surgical procedures
  • Inflammation, infection (specific and non- specific), suppuration, bacteriology, immunity.
  • Injuries of various kinds – wound healing and management including ulcers, sinuses, gangrene etc
  • Hemorrhage, shock, their management.
  • Resuscitation and support in emergencies
  • Accidents and warfare injuries management
  • Burns management
  • Fractures and dislocation; general principles.
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